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Company Overview
accessibleGO is the only full-service accessible travel platform providing search, reviews, and bookings of accessible hotels, cruises, transport and destinations worldwide. With timely insights, comprehensive resources, and a dynamic traveler community, accessibleGO is quickly becoming the number one travel resource for planning accessible trips.

accessibleGO was inspired by Emma Eljas, the mother of cofounder Miriam Eljas Goldman. A resident of Silicon Valley, Emma was a wheelchair user with multiple sclerosis who never let life's obstacles hold her back from living life to the fullest. Emma served as a commissioner on the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Disability Advisory Commission and helped make regional transportation more accessible. With a wheelchair-lift van, Emma and her family traveled the Bay Area and took advantage of the beauty of the region. While many venues were accessible, countless were not. Even calling in advance, only to be told misinformation by well-intentioned employees, didn't solve the problems.
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Developed Content Strategy & Posting
We came up with the idea to build the community and engage people to tag in order to be featured on the page.
Community engagement Winner
Israeli startups bitemojo and accessibleGo were both awarded the top grants of €25,000, while Questo (Romania) and Knowers (Israel) received €20,000 and €15,000 respectively.

Following three days of hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, one-on-one mentoring and a lot of hard work, all nine startups took the stage and pitched their business to our expert jury.

Each startup had four minutes to pitch, followed by a 4-minute question & answer session. At our second Booster Lab here in Tel Aviv, four startups received funding to grow their venture and impact on the sustainable tourism industry.

"Participating in the Booster Lab was an incredible experience, mostly due to the outstanding mentors and experts who provided great insights, tips and help," said Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, bitemojo. "It's completely another thing sitting with and receiving advice from the people that run and manage one of the most reputable and biggest brands in world tech and tourism today. That's a reward in itself for any travel startup."

Account Growth
We started at the very beginning at 503 followers mark and grew account to 9.3k to and continue to work to reach the 10k+ goal.
Growth & Engagement
When we initially started, the profile was getting on average 20 - 40 likes. Now these number consistently between 200 - 300. We started with 500 followers and now it's over 9k.
Developed Content Strategy
We are consistently posting (daily) for the account and researching new content. This helps scale the community and improve brand recognition on Instagram.
#Hashtags Research
We are constantly using hashtags to make sure we reach the right audience for the account and hit the right demographic too.